Theology 150

This webpage has been set up for people who struggle to read Christian books. We all know the importance of reading in the Christian life, but also often manage to be too busy to read anything. Social media and free time options seem to conspire against us.  This page is also for Christians who don’t have a problem beginning great books but have a real problem finishing them, seldom getting beyond the first 100 pages! These books cover a variety of important theological issues, none of them is more than 150 pages in length, none are a waste of time, all are recommended, and every one will benefit you greatly from an eternal perspective.  If you come across any good short theology books in your own travels please let us know – we value reviews of great books!   Theology 150 Review Form

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The Pursuit of HolinessWhy we Pray - William PhilipFive Points - John PiperThe Prodigal GodEvil and the Cross

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