Professor Henri Blocher

Henri (A. G.) Blocher was born, a Frenchman, in Leiden, Netherlands, 1937. After secondary education and two years at the Sorbonne, he studied theology at the London Bible College, Gordon Divinity School, and, following extended military service in the chaplaincy, in the graduate program of the Faculté Libre de Théologie Protestante of Paris. He started teaching systematic theology at the Faculté Libre de Théologie Evangélique, of Vaux-sur-Seine when it was founded (1965), until retirement, and still teaches there some subjects. He also held the Gunther Knoedler chair of systematic theology at Wheaton College Graduate School from 2003 to 2008. His grandfather held a Reformed Dogmatics chair at Leiden University and Henri himself was vice-president of United Bible Societies, 1988-1996. He has been a frequent speaker at Edinburgh Dogmatics conferences.


Among recently published material in English:

“God and Scripture Writers: The Question of Double Authorship,” in D.A. Carson, ed., The Enduring Authority of the Christian Scriptures, Eerdmans, 2016, 497-541
“An Evangelical Reading of Ut Unum Sint, ” in Ronald Bolen, Nicholas Jesson, Donna Geernaert, eds., Towards Unity: Ecumenical Dialogue 500 Years after the Reformation, Toronto, Novalis, 2017, 263-281.

Specially on the Reformers:

“Calvin on the Lord’s Supper. Revisiting an Intriguing Diversity,” Westminster Theological Journal, 76:1 (Spring 2014) 55-93 and 76:2 (Fall 2014) 411-429
“Calvin the Frenchman,” in David W. Hall, ed., Tributes to John Calvin, Presbyterian & Reformed, 2010, 59-83
“Calvin’s Theological Anthropology,” in Sung Wook Chung, ed., John Calvin and Evangelical Theology: Legacy and Prospect, Paternoster, 2009, 66-84.
“Luther et Calvin en christologie,” Positions Luthériennes 56:1 (Jan. 2008) 55-85, in French based on an Edinburgh paper.


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