Dr Kin Yip Louie

Dr Louie accepted Christ while he was a college student at Canada. Later on, he pursue doctoral studies in economics in the US. Called to the ministry, he aborted his economics studies and enrolled into Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia. He pastored in churches in New York City and was ordained there. Years later, he finally finished a Ph.D. in theological studies at University of Edinburgh. He remains interested in the relationship between faith and economic life.

He enjoys the dialogue between ancient tradition and modern culture. He has written on topics from medieval church history to current pop movies. He believes that theology is not an obscure and abstract subject, but it is a lively engagement between faith and our life and our world. It is also an exercise of expressing our ancient faith in our modern and postmodern discourse.

He is a board member of Truth and Light Society in Hong Kong, a Christian organisation dedicated to monitoring the ethical issues in mass media and to respond to challenges of the postmodern sexual revolution. He is also an adviser to the Mission Citizens Movement, which seeks to promote dialogue among Christians concerned about social justice in the wake of the Umbrella Movement in 2014.


The Search for Christendom: History of the Medieval Church (Chinese),(Hong Kong: China Graduate School of Theology, 2017)

“Does it concern our Faith? The Spirituality of Seeking Justice,” in A Call to Political Engagement,(Chinese) eds. Kin Yip Louie and Joyce Wai Lan Sun (Hong Kong: China Graduate School of Theology, 2017)

The Beauty of the Triune God: The Theological Aesthetics of Jonathan Edwards.Forewords by David A. S. Fergusson and Samuel T. Logan, Jr. (Princeton Theological Monograph Series 201; Eugene: Pickwick, 2013)


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