Terry Johnson – Books Published

The Family Worship Book, 1998, reprinted 2003

When Grace Comes Home, 2000, republished 2003, 2007

When Grace Transforms, 2002

When Grace Comes Alive,2003

The Case for Traditional Protestantism, 2004

The Parables of Jesus, 2007

Galatians: A Mentor Expository Commentary, 2012

Catechizing Our Children: The Whys and Hows of  Teaching the Shorter Catechism Today, 2013

Leading in Worship, revised and expanded edition, 2013

Contemporary Worship: Thinking about its implication for the church, 2014

Worshipping with Calvin, 2014

Adoracão Reformada, 2013

Reformed Worship: Worship that Is According to Scripture, republished June 2015