Welcome to The Rutherford Centre for Reformed Theology (RCRT).

Our primary objective is to help people to think biblically and theologically. Christians in the 21st century find themselves living in a very different society from previous generations.

Our world is changing rapidly, and Christianity’s old ‘certainties’ are being constantly challenged and rejected by advocates of secularism and humanism. This means Christians face many complex moral and ethical issues to which we must offer a response.

Avoiding or ignoring these issues achieves nothing. We must learn to think biblically and theologically so that our response to complex issues is not simply a knee-jerk, negative reaction but a carefully considered and robust biblical and theological answer.

To accomplish this, our vision is to encourage scholarship and writing, educate and train elders and other church leaders, and promote Reformed evangelical Christianity.

The Ecclesiology Project

Ecclesiology focuses on the doctrine (or teachings) of the church and is the area of Christian theology where there is least agreement and most need of some biblical thinking.

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Under the Rainbow is a Christian resource for those who have experienced the loss of a baby, infertility, adoption and fostering.

It primarily seeks to encourage and support people in their relationship with God through Biblical resources whilst providing practical information, reading recommendations and testimonials.

Christian Questions

Christian Questions is a non-academic series of short videos featuring guest speakers. In these videos the speaker answers a specific question relating to either God, Christianity or the Bible. If you struggle with different aspects of the Christian faith, these videos may have your answers.

Our Director, Andrew McGowan, took part in The World Reformed Fellowship General Assembly 2022 in Orlando, Florida. The subject was the Nature and Mission of the Global Church.

You can watch all the sermons, talks and panels from the assembly on YouTube.

The Rutherford Centre for Reformed Theology is based at the Highland Theological College, a partner of the University of the Highlands and Islands, in Dingwall.