Big God

Orlando Saer

“It is quite possible for me to be a Christian but still effectively to think and operate in some ways as though things really revolve around me.”

This is a very digestible read that covers quite meaty (and often head-scratching) questions. Misconceptions about the God of the Bible. Although it doesn’t cover all the answers (I came away with several new ones) the God of the bible is presented as utterly consistent with himself in the face of faiths big questions. Questions that interest the academic and the man on the street. Particularly suffering and sovereignty, foreknowledge, and control. It’s the God of the whole Bible we are presented with, rather than (what so often happens) the god of one isolated passage, which doesn’t fit with the god of another isolated passage in the Bible.

Big God

About the author

Orlando Saer is the Senior Pastor of Christ Church Southampton where he is involved in training and discipling university students. He has previously served churches in Sydney, London and Surrey.