The Prodigal God

The Prodigal GodTheme of Book in 10 words:  The Gospels appeal to go back home where we belong.

Relevant Quotation:  The gospel is not therefore just the ABC’s of the Christian life, it is the A-Z of the Christian life” (p119)

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We often hear and read about God’s love.  In this book Keller simply puts forth the extravagance of God’s love towards us.  I learned how both the sons in the parable are lost (hence God is the prodigal, not the younger son); how I am like both of them; how the only way anyone can ever be saved is by God’s abundant grace.  Keller writes in a way that is very relatable setting up both moral conformity and self discovery as means of salvation often pursued (the older brother and the younger brother – the ‘original’ prodigal son).  This book does a wonderful job of helping to analyse the extent of sin in people of faith, and opened my eyes afresh to the nature of our wonderful saviour and helper.  I will not be calling this parable the parable of the prodigal son again, it has become the parable of the prodigal God.  Well worth the time on its 118 pages!