Discipleship Matters

Disc Matt

Theme of Book in 10 words: Calling Christians to live counter-culturally in relationship with our Saviour.

Relevant Quotation:  “The call is to a relationship that will gradually make us all that God intended us to be.”

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In this book, released at the 2015 Keswick Convention, Peter Maiden talks us through the importance of a lifelong commitment to an authentic relationship with Jesus.

Supported by a strong Scriptural backbone, the book establishes the Biblical call to discipleship. The author describes in detail the impact that the miracle of conversion has upon us, before moving to discuss how our response to that calling should shape our approach to the whole of life. There are specific chapters detailing how, as disciples of Christ, we should tackle the issues of sex, money and the use of our time, while also framing our changed lives against the background of mission and service in church.

Just sneaking into the sub-150 page category (if you ignore the contents and preface!), this is a useful book that remind us of how we have been changed – and of our responsibility to dedicate ourselves to being changed even more.