Five Points

Five Points - John Piper

Theme of Book in 10 wordsThe centrality of God’s grace in all things.

Relevant Quotation: “These doctrines are a bulwark against man-centred teachings in many forms that gradually corrupt the church and make her weak from the inside, all the while looking strong or popular” (p80)

Ease of Read – 1  2  3  4  5

This is a great introduction to a biblical theology of the sovereignty of God in salvation.  It is not simply an apologetic for the traditional five points of Calvinism but outlines the simple and nourishing doctrines from a biblical foundation.  It is simple, and communicated with the same heartfelt passion that accompanies all Pipers books.  There is no historical background given but the five Calvinistic doctrines are clearly explained and their implications are worked out, with each chapter making the grace of God shine brightly.  It reminded me gently but convincingly why these doctrines matter greatly to Christians today.  It reminded me that what is commonly called Calvinism is at the heart of the gospel for it’s origin is Scripture (not Calvin).

The last two chapters (personal testimony and concluding testimonies) are a wonderful place to start reading this book, and provide motivation to read the preceding chapters.