The Pursuit of Holiness


The Pursuit of Holiness

Theme of Book in 10 words: Aiming to live a life that is free from sin.

Relevant Quotation:“We are simply reluctant to face up to our responsibility. We prefer to leave that to God”

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Holiness is God’s aim for every Christian.  This book should come with a warning about the challenge it could bring to the way you live your life.   We are saved by faith but without holiness we will not see God.  A Christians beliefs effect his life – it’s that simple and Bridges challenges us that if we are not seeking to live a holy life we are probably not Christians. The Christian life is lived by faith, but holiness takes effort and energy.

Written in a readable style with bitesize chapters this book is thoroughly biblical, and rolls out the extent of holy living on a day to day basis.  Gods aim for all Chxs is to be holy as he is holy. That’s no small aim but using scripture Bridges helps bring it within reach for ordinary punters.

Summary – easily readable, with teeth!