Why We Pray

Why we Pray - William PhilipTheme of Book in 10 words:  Prayer is central to the good news of the gospel

Relevant Quotation:  “It’s not so much what we pray for, whether it’s large or small things, but what motivates our prayer that really matters”  (p77)

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This book is motivation to pray. The author presents us with four simple reasons why prayer is an organic part of the Christian life. For as long as I can remember I have struggled with how prayer fits in with free will, sovereignty, responsibility – important factors involved in the great privilege that is prayer. This book not only helps to slot these factors in but lets us see them as reasons to pray. Throughout the book the gospel shines brightly and prayer is part of the good news alongside God speaking to us, Gods adoption of us, and Gods spirit within us.

Prayer is as natural to the Chx life as breathing is – so often I have looked at prayer as a duty or a chore, or even a service we do for others or for God. The reality -which this book reminds us of – is much more refreshing