Dogmatics Conferences

Since its inception, Rutherford House/RCRT have held many Dogmatics conferences. Known as the ‘Edinburgh Dogmatics Conference’, these seminars have focused on various theological topics and have welcomed many prominent speakers from the United Kingdom and further afield.

These have included T.F. Torrance, Paul Helm, Kate Sonderegger, Colin Gunton, Henri Blocher, Cynthia Brown, Bruce McCormack, David Wright, Julie Canlis, Kelly Kapic, Oliver O’Donovan, Elizabeth Shively, Michael Horton, N.T. Wright, Karla Wubbenhorst, Lewis Ayres, Francis Watson, Katherine Sonderegger, Don Carson, John Webster, David Fergusson, Donald Macleod, Kees van der Kooi, Kevin Vanhoozer, and many more.

The conferences have attracted many speakers and attendees from overseas. For example, in 2017, papers were given by scholars from the UK, France, the Netherlands, the USA, Australia and Hong Kong.

With the rise of online video conferencing due to the Covid-19 pandemic, RCRT now provides for a wider global audience, a great benefit to those who, due to distance and expense, would usually be unable to attend.

Edinburgh Dogmatics Conference

Previous conference themes

1985 – The Challenge of Evangelical Theology: Approach & Method

1987 – Issues in Faith and History

1989 – The Power & Weakness of God: Impassibility & Orthodoxy

1991 – Universalism and the Doctrine of Hell

1993 – The Trinity in a Pluralistic Age

1995 – The Love of God

1997 – The Westminster Confession 350th Anniversary

1999 – Tolerance and Truth

2001 – Word and Spirit

2003 – The Doctrine of Justification

2005 – The Doctrine of God

2007 – Christology

2009 – Ecclesiology

2011 – Sanctification

2013 – The Doctrine of Scripture

2015 – Reformed Worship

2017 – Reformation Theology: Maintenance or Revision

2019 – No Conference

2021 – Doctrine of the Church

2023The Holy Spirit and the Church