Education and Training

The RCRT will continue the work of engaging with church members, elders and ministers, to help them to think biblically and theologically.  This will be done in various ways, including the following:

  • Providing resources.  In earlier days, this included the publication of Christian books and pamphlets on key issues.  More recently, RCRT has produced a DVD for elders’ training, small group resources, Theology 150 and a article reflecting on euthanasia.
  • Under the Rainbow.  This is a web-based resource for those who have experienced infant loss, miscarriage and infertility. Two DVDs are currently being recorded to support and advance this work.

  • Arranging conferences.  Conferences for elders were held around the country in the lead-up to the completion of the DVD for elders’ training.  Further conferences have either used the DVD or dealt with other topics, most recently with a group of elders from Cumbernauld.

  • Organising Training.  The RCRT will continue to engage with churches, providing education and training for members, elders and ministers.  Perhaps the most significant contribution in the near future will be the education and training of elders to lead worship and to preach.  This has been identified as a significant need, not least because of the shortage of ministers, particularly in rural areas. For example, the Director of RCRT has recently been asked by the Church of Scotland Presbytery of Lewis to carry out training for elders, to prepare them to preach in their congregations and so support their ministers.
  • General Support.  The RCRT is open to invitations from churches, whether locally or nationally, to help promote biblical and theological thinking, either in general terms or in relation to specific issues or needs.