Kingdom Come 2016 : Ministry in the Growing Kingdom

Rutherford House is pleased to invite you to Kingdom Come 2016; the first in a series of biannual conferences aimed at ministers and others who have a role in preaching and teaching in churches in Scotland.

As we worship together our speakers will open God’s word for us and our seminar leaders will engage us in conversation and discussion on our theme.

We hope and pray that in our time together we may be strengthened to trust in our God to grow his Kingdom and to be enthused to serve in that growing Kingdom.


The venue for this conference, Palmerston Place church in Edinburgh, is centrally located, with nearby transport links to the whole of the UK, and offers an environment which will inspire us to learn, to engage – and to worship in the process.


Krish Kandiah

David Johnston

John Risbridger

Tommy MacNeil


Preaching Ministry and the Growing Kingdom – Fergus Buchanan

What Kind of Church?  – Fred Drummond

Engaging the World Beyond the Prayer Meeting – Fiona Morrison

Incorporating Childrens Work in the Whole Life of the Congregation – Jackie Ringan

Ministry in the Public Square –  Kieran Turner