Abbey Wedgeworth

"There is no shame in grieving the loss of a life — the loss of a child. You have every right to weep…you are grieving the loss of a person."

Focused on Psalm 139, Held is a Bible devotional to support those going through the loss of a baby.

The opening lines of the book, “I’ve never been this close to death. It’s literally inside of me where life should be”, sets the precedent of this honest, sensitive, and Christ-centred devotional.

There is a real cost to plumbing the depths of our loss and pain to write and produce resources that hopefully bring comfort and a healing balm to others. I am so thankful to Abbey Wedgeworth and the other contributors for writing this book.

This book is something I will continue to use and refer to as I traverse my journey of loss while using it as a tool for supporting others on a similar path. I highly recommend this book for anyone who has lost a baby themselves or is close to someone who has.


About the author

With much of her writing focusing on shame, parenting, motherhood, marriage, and miscarriage, Abbey is passionate about discipleship and biblical literacy and loves to see the way that the gospel transforms how people think and live.

Along with writing, Abbey also curates and produces the annual Gentle Leading Advent Devotional for Moms and creates regular blogs.

Abbey is married to David and have three young sons and attend Hilton Head Presbyterian Church (PCA).