Is God Anti-Gay?

Sam Allberry

"God’s message for gay people is the same as his message for everyone. Repent and believe. It is the same invitation to find fullness of life in God, the same offer of forgiveness and deep, wonderful, life-changing love."

Part of the Good Book Company’s ‘Questions Christians Ask’ series, ‘Is God Anti-gay?’ is a short and concise book that provides a goldmine of information, advice, and perspective on the topic of homosexuality and same-sex attraction.

What gives this book weight is the fact that the author is a Christian who experiences same-sex attraction. Talking from personal experience and pointing to the Bible, Allberry provides an enlightened and godly approach to how Christians should respond to all sexual sins and how to show the love of Christ to people while also holding firm to the Gospel and biblical truth.

Is God Anti-Gay?

About the author

Sam studied theology at Wycliffe Hall in Oxford and has served on staff at St Ebbe’s Church, Oxford, and St Mary’s, Maidenhead. He is now based at Immanuel Church, Nashville.

A popular conference speaker, Sam has written several books, including ‘What God Has To Say About Our Bodies’, ‘Why Does God Care Who I Sleep With?’ and ‘7 Myths About Singleness’.