Research & writing

The RCRT will engage in academic research and writing, in partnership with the University of the Highlands and Islands. Finance permitting, we hope to draw together a group of researchers, some full-time and others part-time, to work in the general area of Reformed Theology, covering Biblical Studies as well as Systematic and Historical theology.

In addition to this core objective, RCRT will encourage academic engagement, scholarship, research and writing in the following ways:

The RCRT will continue the tradition of academic conferences in the area of systematic theology, which have taken place regularly since Rutherford House was formed. These popular conferences have drawn scholars from all over the world.

Lecture theatre

The RCRT will encourage ministers and others to think biblically and theologically and, where possible, to engage in further study, scholarship and writing. This will be done through personal contact, ministers’ conferences and reading programmes. For example, a trial is underway of a guided reading programme with ‘one to one’ sessions after each section of the reading.

The RCRT will seek to build relationships with institutions in different parts of the world to work together on conferences and writing projects and also to encourage scholars to come to Scotland for sabbaticals and study leave.

Student working at a desk
Row of books

The RCRT will be represented at various academic conferences, including the Tyndale Fellowship, the Fellowship of European Evangelical Theologians and the annual AAR/ SBL/ ETS conferences.