Strand Three: Promoting the Reformed Faith

Reformed Theology which arose out of the 16thcentury Reformation is a school of thought which has taken a number of forms and produced many confessions and catechisms. Despite this rich theological heritage, many people in our churches are unaware of their history and ignorant of their own theological tradition.  Part of the work of RCRT will be to promote and develop Reformed Theology, and to remind people of our biblical and theological roots.  At the same time, we believe we must move forward.  Theology did not end in 1647 and the issues we face today are not the same as those faced by our forebears in the 16thand 17thcenturies.  For that reason, we must develop our Reformed Theology to make it fit for purpose in our day and generation.  There are various ways in which this can be done.  For example, Professor McGowan, in his capacity as Chairman of the Theological Commission of the World Reformed Fellowship, led an international group of scholars in writing a new ‘Statement of Faith’, applying our Reformed theology to the issues of today.  That same Theological Commission is now working on a document seeking to define what Reformed Theology is and what it means to be ‘Reformed’ in the 21stcentury.