The Prodigal God

Tim Keller

"The gospel is not therefore just the ABC’s of the Christian life; it is the A-Z of the Christian life"

We often hear and read about God’s love. In this book, Tim Keller simply puts forth the extravagance of God’s love towards us.

I learned how both the sons in the parable are lost (hence God is the prodigal, not the younger son); how I am like both; how the only way anyone can ever be saved is by God’s abundant grace.

Keller writes in a way that is very relatable, setting up both moral conformity and self-discovery as means of salvation often pursued (the older brother and the younger brother – the ‘original’ prodigal son). This book does a wonderful job of helping to analyse the extent of sin in people of faith.

The Prodigal God

About the author

As the founding pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City, Tim Keller started his congregation with a few dozen people. It now draws over five thousand weekly attendees who meet in three Manhattan locations.

Redeemer has since spawned a movement of churches across America and throughout major world cities. Many pastors model their churches on Redeemer and Tim’s thoughtful style of preaching.

Dr Keller lives in New York City with his wife and sons.