Where was God when that happened?

Christopher Ash

"When we long for God to "intervene', we need to remember that he is constantly at work. What we actually think we want is that he will act in a particular way that appears 'miraculous'"

Part of the Good Book Company’s ‘Questions Christians Ask’ series, ‘Where Was God When That Happened?’ is a short and insightful read which gets to the nitty-gritty of many questions about God’s goodness in a world that has so much wrong in it.

This takes the reader past the stumbling answers we as Christians might give and provides detailed responses to some hard questions.

God-focused and easy to understand, I would highly recommend this book to anyone seeking help in understanding this difficult subject.

Where was God when that happened?

About the author

Christopher Ash has been a pastor and is now an author and writer-in-residence at Tyndale House, Cambridge. He was Director of the Proclamation Trust’s Cornhill Training Course from 2004-2015.

He is married to Carolyn and they have four children and seven grandchildren.